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“Travis offers everything I could ever wish for in a bass teacher. He has a thorough and profound knowledge of the standard repertoire, as well as unique and compelling insight into the analysis and performance of contemporary music. He is a generous, thoughtful mentor who gives everything he has to his students, and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. I would not be where I am today without Travis’ early influence and guidance.”


Brendan Fitzgerald— bass, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

"I have been playing as a freelance classical and jazz bassist for 50 years in DC and in Seattle. I decided to return to taking bass lessons upon retirement from my day job. 


Travis is a double bassist at the Artist level. He brings that to every lesson, with a goal of helping me toward reaching that level. He is a great teacher and I am learning to completely change how I play the bass. 


Travis is a positive, fun, and encouraging teacher. He is very detailed in his instruction, and when I am not quite getting a concept, he will try different explanations and metaphors until I “get it” and can reproduce it on my own bass. As a result, my overall sound has improved quite a bit, as has my left hand fingerings and fingerboard knowledge.  I have been taking these lessons remotely, which has worked out well." 

Jim Ford - Freelance bassist, Seattle.

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