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It's never too late or too early to start one's child or self on a musical journey.  From classical performance, modern contemporary, jazz, to avant-grade; I utilize years of teaching experience for all age groups and musical styles, specializing in Double Bass.  My goal is to incorporate my extensive training to bring you or your child the highest level of instruction.  I have trained in the George Vance method of instruction (a Suzuki off-branch) ensuring an intuitive approach to the instrument and have studied a wide variety of approaches to bring any student well-rounded instruction that is customized to their needs.

 My general approach is to give solid foundational skills to build off, utilizing proper advanced techniques early on to ensure a future of comfort and confidence on the instrument.  Once proper technique is achieved, one should be working out their interpretation of the music, not suffering over technical issues. A student should be present and prepared for each lesson to get the best results for themselves and their goals.  I find that this mutual commitment helps to instill patience, self-confidence, quality focus and work ethic, as well as increased self-awareness.

Also, If you are an advanced player and looking for high level instruction and career advancement, I would like to help you on your musical journey. As a professor and mentor, I have trained up-and-comers for auditions and jobs around the world in the music profession.    

Double Bass
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